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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 10, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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in 20 minutes. it is fox 10 news at 10:00 with marc martinez. >> reporter: heavy rains leaving quite a mess. the monsoon may not be done with us just yet. the board of supervisors and diamondbacks butting heads. >> i'm mitch. i'm not running for anything. a campaign trail. he may not be getting a lot of votes, he is certainly getting a lot of laughs. thank you for being with us for fox 10 news at 10:00. we had a lot of heavy rain this morning into the afternoon and more is on the way. the city of scottsdale is taking steps to keep residents safe. kristy, we have seen problems
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>> reporter: we definitely have, marc. we saw flooding earlier today as a result of the salt river project releasing water down the indian bend wash. take a look over my shoulder. this is osborn and hayden. this is still flooded right now. it has been flooded since this afternoon. the road in better shape than it was earlier today. you couldn't see where the crossing was. throughout the course of the day, we have seen cars pulling up to blasting through it because they haven't realized there is flooding ahead. this isn't the only place in scottsdale that is seeing closures. it is causing a headache for drivers. what used to be a driving range is a place to drive your boat. the continental golf club near osborn and hayden under water tonight. >> quite a bit of water enough
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unbridged crossings of the indian bend wash, which happens a couple times a year. >> reporter: officer kevin watts saying they started releasing water earlier this afternoon. osborn road one of several streets closed forcing drivers to find other routes. >> chaparral and hayden road is an inconvenience because people aren't used to that being closed off. >> reporter: earlier 1,000 gallons of water was rushing per second. >> it looks like it is not deep but if you watch it, within minutes, it is now feet and can sweep your car and take it away. >> reporter: out of the city and flowing into the salt river. >> there are criminal penalties and more of a cost is you're
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life of others that have to come help you. >> reporter: it is amazing to see, marc, every time we see the roads flooded, people think they can make it through. we saw several people blast through the tape earlier proving the area. some thinking twice. many hesitated because they saw news crews were out. some of the drivers were prepared to drive through the water. as officer watts said you shouldn't. you can e and the safety of those who have to come and take care of you. with the flooding that we saw earlier, as of rush hour, there were no water rescues that had to take place. the washes are doing what they should, it moves the wash to the rivers. if you're moving through the scottsdale area, the ground will be flooded and with more rain on the way, potential for closures
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kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. >> let's hope people don't take the chance out there. showers falling in several parts of the valley today. the national weather service issued a flood advisory for the community and you can see why. it was issued for part of the day. roads in apache junction were flooded after they got up to 2 inches of rain in an hour. law enforcement had flooded roadways. drivers got in trouble trying to drive through the street. we talked to one man whose car broke down. >> my co-worker was like you will be good and just drive through it. he is at home and i'm stuck here. >> he's laughing about it. hopefully, he can get the truck started back up again. despite damage to cars, there were no reports of injuries out
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dave munsey joins us in the weather center. >> reporter: there is moisture out there. we picked up quite a bit today. there is a little storm working its way toward phoenix right now. it is on the west side. you see it there at buckeye. it falls apart a little bit but there is rain with that particular cell as it moves in closer here. let's look at what happened as far as ear look at fountain hill, 2.5 inches. an inch north of fountain hills. look at apache junction, 2.5 inches out there. you did see flooding out there as well. south of the city, we pick up an inch at maricopa. inch coming up.
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1.5 inches north of tucson and an inch of moisture coming down as well in that area. white river, a little bit of moisture. of course, where is it coming from? it is coming from down south. a tropical depression that has fallen apart at this point in time. we do have flash-flood watches across the north and across the central portion and the southern portion of the state. we'll take a closer look at what is going on right now in minutes. we have a developing story on a news alert that we brought you last night. a veterinarian killed yesterday after he got stuck in an underground grain silo. two men tried to rescue him and we learned a second rescuers has died and a third man is still in the hospital. >> reporter: he was trying to remove water from the silo when he fell 20 feet.
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created a deadly environment. today, many of the veterinarian's climates are -- clients are stunned. >> it has been like getting kicked in the stomach. >> reporter: karen runs the saddle bred rescue. she wrote a touching tribute to the veterinarian on the group's facebook page. some of the horses she takes in are in bad >> it wasn't about the money for him. it was about the horses. >> reorter: he was trying to clear water from an underground storage facility. there was little oxygen when he fell down there and he died. she used him to care for her horses for the past future years but others in the area have been working with the 61-year-old vet
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>> he always left here and i was boggled with information sometimes. he just was a great teacher and he wanted his clients to be able to provide for the horses even when he was only around. >> reporter: many of the vet's clients are planning a vigil for him on friday night. pinal county grand jury has charged brianna daley with a count of child abuse. they left theired to already alone to go play the pokemon game. the boy is in custody of child services. friends and family honor a marine who was murdered in a phoenix park. a bubble and balloon release was
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his 31st birthday. dustin shirk was found with gunshot wounds and died at the hospital. he did a tour in iraq. >> he was a good and righteous man and he did not do anything to deserve this. i gairp this is just wrong in so many ways. >> police are still searching for the shooter. if you have any information on this case, you're asked silent witness at 480-witness. the grand canyon is our state's biggest tour attraction. now, we name the biggest tour traps. donald trump goes off message and the clinton campaign says what he did is a threat. if you would like to contact me on social media, i have a
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you can find me on facebook and
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hillary clinton is expanding her presidential hillary clinton is hillary clinton is expanding her presidntial battleground map to include georgia and arizona. over the weekend, democrats set up headquarters in phoenix. the move to focus on arizona comes after polls suggesting
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nationally and is looking to compete with donald trump even in g.o.p.-leaning states. rally in north carolina, donald trump says if hillary clinton gets to pick federal judges as president, there's is nothing to do to protect the right to bear arms. he adds that maybe second amendment could figure out a way. >> hillary wants to essentially abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. i will tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> clinton's campaign manner
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dangerous saying a presidential candidate should not suggest violence. a lot of people are looking for a third-party candidate. how about this guy, valley high school senior mitch? the highland high school student put up his own signs and it says i'm not running for anything. i just wanted a sign. he says this is a way to bring a smile to people's faces but he has already picked a running mate. >> guyfieri >> earlier at 9:00, dave helped out with a slogan. >> reporter: he won't make you rich but i'm voting for mitch.
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there. >> i'm mitch and i approved this message. the circles building in
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arizona is the testing arizona is the testing ground for driverless cars. chevst bolts two weeks ago. they sent out a tweet we're testing chevy bolts on the roads of scottsdale, arizona, in addition of san fran. all cars being tested will have humans on board as backup drivers. the circles building in downtown phoenix are becoming a retail shop. before it was a circles billing, it was a dealership.
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building and they sold stewed stewed -- stew debakers. >> we were worried because we thought it was going to be torn down. we got involved with the developer and found out they would honor some of our requests. in the end, they honored all of our requests. >> so it looks like it will go forward and they will start construction in january. a blog site listed the top tourist traps in each state. according the the gypsy nestor says it is tombstone. they say it is worth a visitor
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other tourist traps were fisherman's wharf in san francisco and waikiki beach in honolulu. >> reporter: been to all of them. i must be a tourist trap liker. we have something that might turn the tourists away. it is heavy rain. we had it through the day today and a chance of it through the
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>> reporter: hi, everybody. we're at 88 degrees now. the winds dying down to a light breeze out of the southeast at this time. temperatures in sur surprise, 89. goodyear, 90. 81 at apache junction. chandler, 90 degrees right now.
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monsoon up. we have the rotation of the low, rotation of the high reaching down into this bed of moisture south of us here. digging it up and bringing it up and that is how this is coming through the day today and we picked up pretty good moisture. you see stuff coming up on the west side over here. we will take a look at it. running flu the buckeye area and falling apart rather rapidly. it is bringing more and mor moisture into the state. you see a few little areas where we have the moisture up near the grand canyon. we're seeing a few things as well in the midsection of the state here. in the eastern mountains, we will see a few storms and showers over there through the night as well. you can see a couple little things happening getting it ready to go for tomorrow. as you can see here, somewhere around noon, from the
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generated look into the future. a few things are going to be happening and we're going to have moisture around. look at this one on thursday in the afternoon. a couple shots of rain working its way through here over the next couple of days and by the time we get into the weekend, we should dry things out. 97 degrees at sky harbor on the high today. other numbers we have would be 90 degrees up in sedona. 73 degrees in flagstaff. 104 at gila bend. take a look across the country. you showers across the northern plains and down in the southeastern portion of the country. overnight here, 80 degrees with a chance of rain. 91 for tomorrow with a chance of rain. we get into the weekend. we start drying things out and warming things up. watch your kids around water. >> all right, dave, thanks. maricopa county board supervisor member is in a war of words with the manager with the
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a $65 million improvements to chase field. county supervisor admitted to telling derrick hall "if it were up to me, i would let you take your stupid baseball and get out. take it all and go to bleeping west virginia or wherever." he believes taxpayers should have never paid for the stadium to begin with it. >> it came out of frustrations and the team, the management of the team. >> it is going to be interesting to see how this plays out. hall says the comments will make the team move forward and in a different direction. >> reporter: the bill was put any by the legislature and that was a big key in allowing the vote for the stadium to begin
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not wanting to pay for it. reporter: that debate will continue. as for carson palmer a special day for carson and it speaks about where this organization has been.
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i thought about starting this story going through the long list of quarterbacks that
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had success with plumber and then kurt warner. carson palmer has found husband way to a team at the right time in the right place in his football career. what a remarkable three years it has been. last year, leads to team to 14 wins and has an m.v.p.-like season when you think about 35 t.d.'s, 64% completion wants to retire an arizona cardinal saying it was the class of the organization to create a lot of wins for carson palmer. >> michael has given everything in the locker room everything you could need to focus on football and play good football and the staff he has hired and tom reed and those guys and
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chiropractors and acupuncture. you can go on and on and the facilities and everything he has given. it is a first-class organization and guys who have played elsewhere knows how special it is. >> reporter: matt barkley, the former standout from u.c.s. trying to make his way on this roster will get a chance to play against the raiders. they picked up barkley from last season and try to absorb bruce arians. he can't wait to strut his stuff friday night. >> it is about time to get back to real football against another team. it has been good work here at camp but you want to play another defense, another look. we're excited. can't wait. >> reporter: arizona diamondbacks, how about, this
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getting the start against the mets. brandon drury helped him out and tied the game at one a piece. greinke looked impressive. you realize he is the staff ace and he did it tonight. take a look at the numbers here. reynolds goes down swinging. six strikeouts over six innings by getting walker on this pitch d-backs, michael bourn with a two-run triple. they win tonight in new york, 5-3. >> let's hope they can get it worked out with the county. >> reporter: i think this is going to be a long soap opera. >> "modern family" is next.
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